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Buckeye Lake’s Canadian Geese Situation

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The information we’re sharing in this post is provided by Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow. For a copy of their Canadian Geese brochure and to learn more about what you can do for the future of Buckeye Lake, visit www.BuckeyeLakeforTomorrow.org or contact them at: Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow P.O. Box 676 Buckeye Lake, OH 43008 Let’s [...]

The Inextricably Linked History of Buckeye Lake and The Buckeye Lake Yacht Club

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By Steve Harris, BLYC Historian On April 24, 1906, yachtsmen met at Leachman’s Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio and formed what would become The Buckeye Lake Yacht Club. Membership was fifteen and the first Commodore, elected that evening, was Lawrence A. Sackett of Columbus. By the late 1800’s, the Ohio-Erie Canal System had deteriorated and by the [...]

Low Water – No problem! Volunteers Make Lemonade Out of Lemons

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Remember when you heard from your Mom or your friend, “Just hang in there, something will happen when you least expect it?"  The is the exact thing that happened to the Buckeye Lake Historical Society the fall of 2015.  The call came… would the society like to have a donated boat?  Sure, we take lots [...]

Kids’ Community Christmas Success Again

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Since 2010 the Buckeye Lake Historical Society has sponsored the Kids’ Community Christmas to provide toys and food baskets to children and families in need over the holiday. The partnership between the Salvation Army of Newark and the Museum makes sure that our kids have some really cool presents and yummy food for Christmas. This [...]

Local Historian and Native Reaches 90 Years of Age

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You will be hard-pressed to come to the town of Buckeye Lake and stop a resident on the street who does not know of Donna Braig.  She was born in Perry County and raised in nearby Hebron. Her first job was at Buckeye Lake Park when she was 14 years old.  Her life revolved around the park [...]

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