What do we want to be?

A wholesome regional destinationThe Buckeye Lake Region will be the most popular year-round, tourism destination of the Midwest. It will be known for its inviting, old-fashioned, nostalgic, wholesome, quaint, family-oriented atmosphere, anchored in local culture and traditions, respectful of its natural resources, where all generations will find a broad range of activities.

A beautiful Lake.

The Lake will be easily accessible to residents and visitors alike with well-maintained public parks, docks and marinas. It will be the center of water-based activities from fishing, kayaking, sailing, and motor boating, to swimming at beaches with crystal clear water. This will take place in a constant depth clean Lake, with deep channels and the remnants of its historic canals. This will also allow for water shuttles, dinner cruises and regional boat tourism.

A hospitable region.

In the Region there will be hospitality venues ranging from quaint bed and breakfasts to small hotels, live music venues and a wide variety of restaurants, with many of them serving locally grown products. There will be wineries, breweries, distilleries, and organic farms producing goods, consistently branded, to promote the Region while being hospitality destinations of their own right. The retail and hospitality venues will be on main streets in the villages and on board walks along the Lake. Additionally, there will be a public amphitheater, artisan shops, art galleries, a history museum, and a fishing pier.  The Buckeye Lake Region will also organize cultural events and festivals, aligned with its local, historical roots and traditions in order to draw year-round business to its communities.

Improved infrastructure.

The Buckeye Lake Region will be planned, developed, promoted, and operated cooperatively by the three counties, with adequate utility and data infrastructure, with connecting bike paths and road networks, with consistent branding of its public environment both around the Lake Region with consistent signage, design guidelines and carefully designed gateways, as well as in the Lake through themed signage and lighthouses.

A great place to live and work.

The economic development based on tourism will support a solid base of local jobs. This rich combination of retirees, residents commuting to jobs and these new local workers and entrepreneurs will live in a rich diversity of well-planned neighborhoods, accommodating all generations with adequate health, wellness, recreation, and education infrastructure.  
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