Tri-County Alliance

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Charting the Course Together

Civic Leaders

Ron Craig – President of The Buckeye Lake Area Civic Association

Tim Ryan – President of The Buckeye Lake Region Chamber of Commerce


Dave Levacy – Commissioner of Fairfield County

Holly Mattei – Executive Director of Fairfield County Regional Planning Commission

Duane Flowers – Licking County Commissioner

Gerald Newton – Executive Director Licking County Planning and Development

Jim O’Brien – Commissioner of Perry County

Tom Johnson – Executive Director of Perry County Community Improvement Corporation


Clay Carroll – Mayor of Village of Buckeye Lake

Mike McFarlane – Mayor of Village of Hebron

Gary Matheny – Mayor of Village of Millersport


Charlie Prince – President of Union Township Board of Trustees

Doug Leigh – President of Walnut Township Trustees

Bob Coleman – President of Thorn Township Trustees

Homeowners Association

Rickie Sue Gruden – President of Cranberry Bay Homeowners Association

Brad Smith – President of West Bank Homeowners Association

Chuck Haire – President of Harbor Hills Civic Association

Robert Hitt – President of Heron Bay Master Association

John Miller – President of Fairfield Beach Homeowners Association

Buckeye Lake 2030 Task Force Leaders

Doug Poorman – Administration/Branding/Communication (ABC)

Kitty Zwissler – Government Affairs (GAFF)

Rich Smith – Private Resources Coordination (PRC)

Mike Anderson – Public Funding and Grants (PFG)

Duane Flowers – Regional Goverance (GOV)

Yaromir Steiner – Regional Planning Management (RPM)

Matt Bauman – Water Quality (WQ)

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