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The People 

ABC – Administration, Branding and Communication

The work of the ABC Task Force is to provide administrative, branding and communication support to the Buckeye Lake 2030 vision. They help contribute to the implementation of the community’s vision expressed by the Buckeye Lake community. ABC is tasked with advocating and communicating the vision of Buckeye Lake 2030 within and around the Buckeye Lake Region. This task force meets regularly at The Buckeye Lake History Museum in order to develop key branding assets to promote this vision. The group is responsible for organizing email databases, updating website content, creating a social media presence and sending newsletters to the community. Together, they developed the Buckeye Lake 2030 logo with the tagline: “A Tri-County Alliance. Charting the Course Together”.

ChairDoug Poorman

L3U – Land, Lake and Leisure Uses

The goal of L3U is to capitalize on the expansive and accessible outdoor recreation and connectivity opportunities available on, around and within Buckeye Lake. The task force explores and identifies the best practices for all outdoor recreation and leisure activities for Buckeye Lake. They represent the community’s position in regard to all planning, funding and execution of required infrastructure and connectivity. The group’s focus is multiple bike and pedestrian paths around the Lake with the help of local firms NBBJ and MKSK. To find out more information about biking at Buckeye Lake, visit the Bike Buckeye Lake Facebook page.

Chair –  Jeff Ritter

PRC – Private Resources Coordination

With the request of contributions from individuals with a strong tie to the lake, the private resources task force was formed. This task force identifies, develops and coordinates resources of community members, economic beneficiaries and civic leaders from Buckeye Lake and beyond. Through these efforts they hope to grow year-round tourism, bring prosperity through job growth and enhance quality of life for all through the support of community leaders, citizens and business owners actively engaged in planning for the future of Buckeye Lake. This task force has a goal fundraising total of $300,000 by June 2017 in order to receive a match of public dollars. The Buckeye Lake Region Community Foundation Fund (BLCFF) at The Columbus Foundation was created to raise such funds to be spent solely on initiatives vital to the success of Buckeye Lake 2030. If you are interested in becoming a founder, with a $5,000 donation please contact Yaromir Steiner at ysteiner@steiner.com. For smaller donations, please visit the Donate Now page.

ChairRich Smith

RPF – Regional Planning Management

The RPF Task Force serves as the funding implement of a regional plan for the Buckeye Lake Region. Their objective is to define a regional plan scope of work, consistent with the Buckeye Lake 2030 vision and to identify resources and raise funds for its implementation with a goal of $1,500,000. Currently, RPF has partnered with Gruen and Gruen to complete an economic impact study for the region in order to support our Buckeye Lake 2030 efforts. From an urban planning prospective, the RPF task force is working with NBBJ and MKSK in conjunction with The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) on the new public space design of the dam or “Lake Walk”. RPF is also working with DPZ to illustrate the community’s vision in a preliminary schematic design document.

ChairYaromir Steiner

Water Quality Task Force

The Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow group leads the Water Quality Task Force for the Buckeye Lake 2030 vision. Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow is an existing group of volunteers highly skilled in this area of expertise. Currently, they are gathering all past studies and reports for review. Another mission of this group is to improve the lake’s water quality through dreading, identifying and designing and permitting a wetland filtration system. The group will start coordinating their efforts for BL2030 in July 2017. In addition, the group is working with OSU and FAU on a Wetland Modeling Study (Mesocosm) and exploring the feasibility of a Crystal Lagoon in Buckeye Lake.

Chair Matt Baumann

Sector Developments

The Sector Developments Task Force is responsible for supporting sectors of the economy that have a positive influence around the lake. These influences include, but are not limited to: hospitality, tourism, art and culture and value-added agriculture. To support these areas, the Sector Developments Task Force identifies, convenes, informs and coordinates the financial, civic, political and business resources of the major economic beneficiaries of Buckeye Lake’s transformation. The group is researching the feasibility of grape growing and wine production opportunities in the Buckeye Lake Region. In addition, they are exploring the growing of barley as a winter crop for potential malting facilities in the region. This will encourage the resurgence of breweries and distilleries in the region as well as provide opportunities for such things as a brewery school and beer museum.

GAFF – Government Affairs

This task force is in place to help foster communication with state officials and local state representatives. The firm Van Meter, Ashbrook & Associates is hired under the direction of task force chair, Kitty Olohan Zwisser, to help with government relations. Their primary goal is to communicate the Buckeye Lake 2030 vision to the Governor’s office and the Ohio House and Senate.

PFG – Public Funding and Grants

This task force serves as the funding implement of a regional plan for the Buckeye Lake Region. The purpose of the Public Funding and Grants Task Force is to define a regional plan scope of work, consistent with the vision outlined in the Buckeye Lake 2030 vision. This includes identifying resources and raising the funds for its implementation. Currently, the group has targeted $200,000 for the first round of grants. As of today, they have raised $60,000 in grant funding and are exploring other impactful grant funding through the Muskingum Watershed Authority.

Chair – David Hansen

GOV – Regional Governance

The Buckeye Lake Oversight Council consists of various civic, county, village, township and Home Owners Association (HOA) leaders connected to the Buckeye Lake Region. The creation of a representative oversight council will manage Buckeye Lake 2030 and draft a budget for operations in 2016-2017.

ChairDuane Flowers

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