Our Beginning and Our Path

On December 1, 2015 approximately 40 civic leaders met at The Buckeye Yacht Club at the request of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Columbus District Council, to consider the possibility of a visioning session for the future of Buckeye Lake.

This early group included Tom Johnson, Mayor of Somerset, as well as representation from all three counties (Duane Flowers, Licking County, Jim O’Brien, Perry County and David Levacy, Fairfield County).  Other group members included William Murdock from the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), Jerry Newton, Licking County Planning & Development Director, Ron Craig, President of  The Buckeye Lake Civic Association, Tim Ryan, President of  The Buckeye Lake Chamber of Commerce, Holly Mattei, Fairfield County Regional Planning Commission and Kitty Olohan Zwissler, Buckeye Lake Village Council President. All agreed to the idea of a visioning session for the future of the greater Buckeye Lake Region.

On January 23, 2016 at Lakewood High School gymnasium over 270 stakeholders, residents, business owners, civic and political leaders gathered and worked on identifying a common vision for the Buckeye Lake Region, as well as the core values shared by the Buckeye Lake Community.

For four months after this January meeting, multiple drafts were circulated for the comments of all participants which resulted in the final document that was presented and approved by the community on May 14, 2016 at the Lakewood High School.  

At the meeting the following Task Forces were identified:

  • ABC – Administration, Branding, Communication
  • L3U – Lake, Land, Leisure Uses
  • PRC – Private Resources Coordination
  • PFG – Public Funds and Grants
  • RPM – Regional Plan Management
  • WQ – Water Quality
  • GAFF – Government Affairs
  • SECDEV – Sector Development
  • GOV – Regional Governance

It was also determined that three community meetings a year would be held in January, May and September. Our goal going forward is to use this vision and stated values to start a planning effort followed by a long implementation period which may take us well into the 2030s.

Thank you.

Yaromir Steiner
South Shore Resident

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