Welcome to the wonderful world of Volunteerism.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Volunteerism.  This is an exciting time to live in this beautiful  Tri-County Region.  It’s an especially exciting time to participate in Buckeye Lake 2030.  Those already involved will welcome you and include you in this process.  Different Task Forces will have different tasks for their Volunteers so hopefully you will find an area in which you can use your talents and skills. You might even consider Volunteering in an area that uses skills that you want to learn or upgrade those you already have.

Volunteers Needed for Specific Challenges.

We need researchers to find grants to support our Advocacy Process. This involves writing and editing Proposals for Grants.  It will be an enriching experience for all.  If you are interestedin assisting our Advocacy Process by researching grants, please Contact Us and we will get you connected with the team.


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