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We encourage you to join us to envision the future of this on this exciting journey of planning the future of these wonderful three counties surrounding Buckeye Lake. Check out the various Task Forces, pick one that matches your interests and contact the Chairperson. While we encourage your participation and sharing your ideas we also encourage you to make a donation to help Buckeye Lake 2030 support our goals.  All donations will be lodged with the Columbus Foundation so you can be assured that your contribution is safe. We thank you in anticipation of you joining our efforts.

Are you interested in getting involved in Buckeye Lake 2030 (BL2030)? If you have a vested love and commitment to the Buckeye Lake Region and its future, one of our nine Task Forces is sure to align to your interests. Below is a list our nine Task Forces, along with their objective to help contribute to the BL2030 vision. Get involved and be a part of the future of Buckeye Lake!

  • Administration, Branding and Communication (ABC) – The ABC Task Force is in charge of spreading the word about the BL2030 vision to the community around the Buckeye Lake Region and to foster communication, participation and coordination across artificial political boundaries. They have been diligently working creating an online presence through the development of to reach the widest possible audience.
  • Land, Lake and Leisure Uses (L3U) – If you are interested in exploring and identifying best practices for all outdoor recreation and leisure activities around Buckeye Lake, the Land, Lake and Leisure Uses task force is for you! This task force is also responsible for representing the community with regard to planning, funding and executing the required infrastructure and connectivity at Buckeye Lake.
  • Private Resources Coordination (PRC) – The Private Resources Coordination Task Force manages and raises private monetary contributions to implement BL2030. As of today, they are nearly halfway to their total fundraising goal of $300,000 by June 2017.
  • Regional Planning Management (RPM) – This task force serves as the funding implement for a regional plan for the Buckeye Lake Region. They are tasked with identifying resources and raising funds for its implementation.
  • Water Quality Task Force (WQ) – If you are interested in joining the WQ Task Force, make sure you check out The Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow group who are leading this task force. They are an existing group of volunteers highly devoted and skilled in this area of expertise.
  • Sector Developments (SECDEV) – The Sector Developments task force is responsible for supporting different sectors of the economy in the Buckeye Lake Region. If you are interested in identifying, concerning, informing and coordinating the financial, civic, political and business resources of the major economic beneficiaries of the Buckeye Lake’s transformation, this task force is for you!
  • Government Affairs (GAFF) – The primary goal of the Government Affairs Task Force is to communicate the Buckeye Lake 2030 vision to the Governor’s office and the Ohio House and Senate.
  • Public Funding and Grants (PFG) – Raising public funds and applying for grants for the implementation of Buckeye Lake 2030 is the objective of this task force. The PFG Task Force houses volunteers who are interested in planning a scope for identifying other funding resources.
  • Regional Governance (GOV) – If you are a civic, county, village, township or  Homeowners Association (HOA) leader in the community, you will be a part of The Buckeye Lake Oversight Council. This task force is in place to organize the council, manage and draft the 2016-2017 budgets for BL2030.

Want more information about each task force and how you can get involved? Visit our Task Forces page to find contact information!

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