Our Objective

The Objective of Buckeye Lake 2030 is to unify efforts across existing political boundaries, marshal the unique assets of the Buckeye Lake Region and attract State and Federal resources to enhance the well-being and economic prosperity of our residents. Through these efforts, the Buckeye Lake Region will contribute to the well-being and prosperity of Central Ohio, our State and the Midwest.

The Buckeye Lake 2030 vision came to fruition when, on December 1, 2015 approximately 40 civic leaders met at the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club, at the request of the Urban land Institute (ULI) Columbus District Council, to consider the possibility of a community visioning session for the future of Buckeye Lake.

The visioning session, which took place on January 23, 2016, included over 270 stakeholders, residents, business owners, civic and political leaders all gathered at Lakewood High School. Their goal, to devise a common vision for the Buckeye Lake Region, as well as gather core values shared by the Buckeye Lake Community. After much discussion and brainstorming, Buckeye Lake 2030 (BL2030) was born with the objective that the Buckeye Lake Region will be the most popular year-round, tourism destination of the Midwest.

Much like its past, the Buckeye Lake Region will be known for its inviting, nostalgic, wholesome, quaint, family-oriented atmosphere, anchored in local culture and traditions, respectful of its natural resources where all generations will find a broad range of activities. The Lake will be easily accessible with well-maintained public parks, docks and marinas. It will also be the center of water-based activities in its crystal clear waters with deep channels and remnants of its historic channels. This will allow for water shuttles, dinner cruises and regional boat tourism.

On land, the Region will be abundant with hospitality venues from quaint bed and breakfasts to small hotels, live music venues and a variety of restaurants with a focus on providing locally grown products. The vision includes everything from local wineries and breweries, distilleries and organic farms, to retail and hospitality venues lining the main streets in the villages and boardwalks along the Lake. Additionally, there will be bountiful community spaces such as a public amphitheater, artisan shops, art galleries, a history museum and fishing pier. These spaces will house year-round cultural events and festivals, both new and ones rich in local traditions and historical roots.

In order to see the BL2030 vision blossom, the three counties who call Buckeye Lake home will plan, develop, promote and operate the Buckeye Lake Region with adequate utility and data infrastructure. They will do this by connecting bike paths and road networks and implement consistent branding of its public environment both around the Lake Region with consistent signage, design guidelines and carefully designed gateways, as well as Lake-themed signage and lighthouses.

Ultimately, this economic development based on tourism will support a solid base of local jobs. With a rich combination of retirees, residents commuting to jobs and new local workers and entrepreneurs, a community rich in diversity and well-planned neighborhoods will be born. This community will foster an accommodating atmosphere for all generations with adequate health, wellness, recreation and educational infrastructure for years to come.

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