ODNR Announcement

ODNR Announcement


*Please note the time frame so that your boat doesn’t get stranded!

Appearing below is an email  from ODNR:

ODNR will continue the practice of aggressive and proactive water control management during the construction period. Since the establishment of an interim summer pool, ODNR begins drawing down the lake to winter pool starting October 1st.  ODNR will follow this schedule again this year.  Draw down to reach winter pool is expected to take approximately four (4) weeks or by the end of October- depending on weather, rainfall and other conditions.  The stop-logs will be put back in place on March 1st and the lake will be allowed to refill to the interim summer pool, as done last year under the construction-period water control plan.

The lower pool level will increase the capacity of the lake to safely impound storm water during a high-water event.  Lower pool level prevents the lake from overfilling, possibly overtopping the dam and jeopardizing its stability.  Upcoming work will include work around the spillways and the lower pool level will reduce risk while drains and spillways are temporarily out of service.
Over the last 24 years the lake elevation reached a height that went over Sellers Point Spillway (an elevation that would inundate parts of the work area and approach the top of the Embankment Stability Berm) more than 12 times during the construction winter-pool period, including October and November.  To decrease this risk it is necessary to begin removing the stop-logs on October 1st and allow the lake elevation to go down to winter pool, which is 2 feet below the interim summer pool level.
This schedule was adopted as an interim risk reduction measure to safeguard the public while construction is underway.  The project is scheduled to be completed in late 2018, in time to resume normal dam operations for the 2019 recreation season.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by reply email or by phone at 614-221-2800.
All the best,
Ian Nickey
Stakeholder Outreach Manager
Buckeye Lake Dam Improvements Project
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