Buckeye Lake 2030 Takes a Major Step Towards the Future

Buckeye Lake 2030 Takes a Major Step Towards the Future

BL 2030 Established Buckeye Lake Region Corporation

With the support of many volunteers, Buckeye Lake 2030 has come a long way towards coordinating efforts around Buckeye Lake. Licking County Commissioner Duane Flowers, Chair of the BL2030 Governance Task Force, always believed that a permanent and unifying governance structure would be essential for the future of the Lake. Now, it is time for BL2030 to install that permanent structure, facilitating cooperation across the political boundaries of our Region. On behalf of the citizens of the Buckeye Lake Region letters of invitation to the recently formed Buckeye Lake Region Corporation have been mailed.

The Buckeye Lake Region Corporation (BLR Corporation) is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to implement the Vision expressed in the BL2030 Declaration (formerly BLR2036) and approved by the citizens of the region in May 2015.

BLR Corporation will be open to the membership of all political and civic organizations of the Buckeye Lake Region as well as designated individuals interested in advancing the goals of BL2030. These goals are incorporated in the Code of Regulations of the BLR Corporation.

The Code was reviewed for compatibility with the Ohio state laws by Assistant County Prosecutor Carolyn Carnes of Licking County. In the future the Board of Trustees can modify this Code as required.

According to the Code of Regulations, the County representatives will also be Members of the Council of Elected Leaders, grouping the representatives of all other political subdivisions who choose to join BLR Corporation.

The Regulations require each Chair to be a County Commissioner. In addition, the three counties are also responsible for nominating the 12 at-large Members to join the Board of Trustees for respectively one, two and three-year terms.

We are looking forward to the BLR Corporation providing the cohesive leadership that our region needs. The future will be brighter if we cooperate and plan to make Buckeye Lake an economic engine for the Region.

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