Doug Stewart Avid Fisherman of Buckeye Lake

Doug Stewart Avid Fisherman of Buckeye Lake

This photograph is of local Buckeye Lake, Ohio fisherman and fishing guide Doug Steward with one of his Buckeye Lake.

Doug Stewart on the Lake with one of his catches.

Doug Stewart, the most knowledgeable fisherman around this whole Buckeye Lake area, catches fish every time he goes out on the Lake.  He lives with his wife Cindy on North Bank and is looking forward to the completion of Phase II of the Dam so he can fully enjoy the beauty of the Lake.  In the meantime, he enjoys fishing all year round, even ice fishing.  When not fishing here he makes the rest of us ice-bound people envious as he fishes the warm, sunny lakes and ocean off Florida.  He is available to take groups on Fishing Trips on Buckeye Lake, Lake Erie, or to Florida.  Some of his friends at the Lake are still waiting for that Famous Fish Fry.

In his own words, Doug tells us what makes the Lake so special:

“Fishing on Buckeye Lake has been, and will be good for a long time. The Saugeye is the most sought after game fish in the Lake, and with the state Saugeye stocking program it will only get better. The Lake produces many Fish Ohio award-winning species. These can be registered in the Fish Ohio Recognition Program.  The Lake has received bad publicity due to lower water clarity, but that’s what makes our shallow Lake the fish producer it is. The Bluegill, Crappie, and Yellow Perch, reach record length in the fertile water. The Lake also has a great Catfish, Hybrid Striped Bass, and Largemouth Bass population.

This photograph is of local Buckeye Lake, Ohio fisherman and fishing guide Doug Stewart ice fishing on Buckeye Lake.

Doug Stewart ice fishing on the Lake.

The year-round activities make Buckeye Lake unique in Ohio.  It’s one of the best ice fishing lakes in the state. We also have many great boating opportunities. What sets our Lake apart from most others is the variety of places you can go by boat to eat, listen to live bands, or have a glass of wine while watching a beautiful sunset. The prices make it very affordable to most families.  We also enjoy the wide variety of housing, and all the friendly people living on the miles of shoreline. With fishing being my passion, and my wife’s love of the summer evening pontoon rides, it wasn’t a hard choice to buy our retirement home on the North Bank of this fantastic lake.”

Doug and his wife Cindy are very involved in the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club and Community activities.

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